Chorus announced today that it will be migrating to a new operating model to better execute its strategy, reflect its new regulatory framework, and respond to a changing market environment.

The new operating model will include a new organisational structure to become effective in Q2 of FY24, with three end-to-end value streams of Access, Infrastructure and Fibre Frontier, and Executive GMs that will be part of the Executive Team led by Chief Executive JB Rousselot.

Jo Mataira, the current Head of People Experience at Chorus, will be appointed as Chief People Officer, and Katrina Smidt, Deputy Chief Financial Officer, will join the Executive team as part of the company's new organisational structure.

The current roles held by Executive members Andrew Carroll and Ed Hyde are being disestablished, and both have elected not to pursue new roles created in the new Operating Model.

Chorus will run a thorough selection process to appoint executives in the newly created roles and further announcements will be made in due course.

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