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Notification of Issue of Securities

Fri, Sep 17 2021 04:02 pm

17 September 2021
Issue of ordinary shares
This notice is given under NZX Listing Rule 3.13.1 and relates to the issue of ordinary shares in Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited (“FPH”) under one or more of FPH’s employee share plans.
This notice is given in reliance on a waiver from NZX Listing Rule 3.13.1 granted by NZX on 6 August 2019 that allows FPH, subject to certain conditions, to disclose the issue of FPH shares under FPH’s employee share plans within 10 business days of issue.
Section 1: issuer information
Name of issuer Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited
NZX ticker code FPH
Class of Financial Product Ordinary shares
Section 2: capital change details
Number of issuances to which this notice relates Two
Number issued (1) 120,496
(2) 51,914
Total issued: 172,410 shares
Nominal value (if any) Not applicable
Issue price (1) NZD0.00 (64,822 shares); NZD11.81 (2,088 shares); NZD14.91 (53,586 shares)
(2) NZD0.00 (40,390 shares); NZD14.91 (11,524 shares)
Nature of the payment Not applicable
Amount paid up (if not in full) In full
Percentage of total class of Financial Products issued (1) 0.02089%
(2) 0.00900%
For an issue of Convertible Financial Products or Options, the principal terms of Conversion Not applicable
Reason for issue (1) Exercise of 64,822 PSRs under the Performance Share Rights Plan and issue of 64,822 ordinary shares; cancellation of 3,270 options and issue of 2,088 ordinary shares; cancellation of 101,321 options and issue of 53,586 ordinary shares.
(2) Exercise of 40,390 PSRs under the Performance Share Rights Plan and issue of 40,390 ordinary shares; cancellation of 21,982 options and issue of 11,524 ordinary shares.
All cancellations are under the FPH Share Option Plan Cancellation Facility
Total number of Financial Products of the Class after the issue (excluding Treasury Stock) and the total number of Financial Products of the Class held as Treasury Stock after the issue. (1) Total number (excluding Treasury Stock): 576,845,082.
Treasury stock: 137,282
(2) Total number (excluding Treasury Stock): 576,896,996.
Treasury stock: 137,282
Total number of ordinary shares on issue as at the date of this notice after the issues disclosed in this notice (excluding Treasury Stock): 576,896,996.
Treasury stock as at the date of this notice: 137,282.
Total number of ordinary shares on issue as at the date of this notice after the issues disclosed in this notice (including Treasury Stock): 577,034,278.
In the case of an acquisition of shares, whether those shares are to be held as treasury stock Not applicable
Specific authority for the issue Directors’ resolution, Listing Rule 4.6
Terms or details of the issue The ordinary shares issued rank pari passu with the existing ordinary shares
Date of issue (1) 16 September 2021
(2) 17 September 2021
Section 3: authority for this announcement
Name of person authorised to make this announcement Marcus Driller
Contact phone number +64 9 574 0110
Contact email address
Date of release via MAP 17 September 2021

Announcement PDF

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