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Andrew Hughes
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Andrew Hughes

Public Trust

General manager, corporate trustee services

  • Appointed July 2019.
  • Experienced in Asian and NZ financial sectors, as well as corporate governance, operations and strategic planning.
  • Previously spent 15 years in Japan heading Capital Services Group.
  • Prior NZ experience included seven years with another trustee company, and four years with the finance company subsidiary of a major Australian Bank.
  • Chartered accountant.


Trustees Executors Limited
CFO/National Manager Corporate Services
Jan 1995 - Dec 2002
Capital Services Group
Chief Operating Officer (Asia), Group CFO
May 2002 - Dec 2017
Capital Servicing Co.
Managing Director & Representative Director
Jul 2007 - Dec 2017
Family Group of Companies
Chief Financial Officer
Apr 2018 - Jul 2019
Public Trust
General Manager - Corporate Trustee Services
Aug 2019 - Present

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