BusinessDesk publishes some of New Zealand's best business journalism and we welcome you to licence articles for your use.

All of our content is subject to copyright and cannot be copy and pasted, or forwarded widely, though we are happy for our subscribers to forward occasional emails. 

Our corporate subscribers can send stories to all staff and post them on intranets, etc, for internal use.

For anything else, you need our permission. We have several content licensing options:

Licence an individual article

If you'd like to use one of our stories for your website or email, we charge between $150 and $450, depending on your traffic numbers.

Prepurchase a block of articles

Get in touch for discounted rates for purchasing more content.

Let us create a regular newsletter for you

Low open rates on your external or internal comms? Our open rates average 60% for newsletters we create for clients. Newsletters can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 

  • We work with you to select articles appropriate for your audience.
  • You use your email system and branding to send the email. (Or we can do that, too.)
  • The email can include the entire article, or links back to your site or ours.

Leverage BusinessDesk's editorial capabilities and brand to reach your clients with real editorial content.

News on your site

We can provide a constant stream of news for your site — for free. We'll give you email or code to include a headline, first two paragraphs and link back to the full story. 

See Sharechat for an example of how this works.

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