Each week BusinessDesk and the New Zealand Herald’s Cooking the Books podcast tackles a different money problem. Today, it’s how one NZ company landed a contract with an international giant of the beauty world. Hosted by Frances Cook.

Every now and then you’ll hear about a New Zealand business that made it big. 

From being an idea dreamed up in someone’s garage, it lands on the world stage and you suddenly find yourself working alongside the titans of the business world. 

Even for those of us who don’t want to become international business moguls and only have a side-hustle, there are often interesting lessons to be learned from those who took their business to the next level. 

So enter, Powered by Flossie. 

You might remember it as Flossie.com, which at one point let customers book off-peak visits to beauty salons. 

That was shut down a few years ago, but not because it failed. 

It’s because the founders realised there was a bigger opportunity in the tech behind their site. That became Powered By Flossie. 

Now they’ve signed up to a global distribution deal with a multi-national beauty company, which it's fair to say, is a massive deal.  

Listen to what founder Jenene Crossan learned in that long evolution. 

For the interview, listen to the podcast here.