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Unemployment: how low can we go?

Jem Traylen
Tue, 31 Aug 2021

Maximum sustainable employment: the concept that after a certain point, job growth creates inflation. (Image: Deposit Photos)
Jem Traylen
Tue, 31 Aug 2021
In part four of a deep dive into the state of our labour markets, BusinessDesk provides an explainer on what the Reserve Bank’s goal of supporting maximum sustainable employment (MSE) means in practice.Part One: Is the labour market tight or what? Part Two: How NZ became reliant on migrant workers. Part Three: How to fix NZ's skilled worker problemBack in March, Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) governor Adrian Orr said he would be waiting to see “the whites of the eyes of inflation and employment growth” b...

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Primary Sector
Ikea's Ingka Group moves into NZ forestry
Staff reporters | Thu, 16 Sep 2021

Ingka Group is the largest of 12 Ikea franchisees, representing around 90% of total Ikea sales.

Who launches a new music festival in lockdown?
Chris Schulz The Spinoff | Thu, 16 Sep 2021

Delta, alert levels and MIQ stand between Hamish Pinkham and his big new summer festival plans. Will his gamble pay off?

Govt pumps another $7b into covid relief fund
Rebecca Howard | Thu, 16 Sep 2021

NZ outperformed most of its peers in the second quarter and while the third looks dire, the rebound will be strong. 

Demand driven change an easier route to carbon reduction

Taking a demand-driven approach to carbon reduction will naturally bring us into line with government targets.

Kiwi security technology leading the world

Businesses must take advantage of our home-grown, world-leading, internationally-valued cyber defence systems to manage risk.