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Pumped hydro way out of the money for future power flexibility: report

Ian Llewellyn
Fri, 12 Nov 2021

Pumped hydro way out of the money for future power flexibility: report
Manapouri delivering to a flexible smelter or hydrogen plant best way to deal with the dry year issue says Meridian. (Image: supplied)
Ian Llewellyn
Fri, 12 Nov 2021
Cold water has been poured on the suggested pumped hydro megaproject with a study saying it is the most expensive and risky option to deal with the issues facing the electricity system.A report commissioned by Meridian Energy and Contact Energy has found flexible hydrogen or aluminium production would be the cheapest way to decarbonise the electricity system and wider economy.The report by Concept Consulting is part of Meridian’s case to set up a hydrogen plant in Southland which would run when power is cheap and available and w...

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A new flexible, inclusive approach to mental health insurance

Mental health issues aren't black and white, and AIA New Zealand is expanding their approach to mental health disclosures for income protection cover to better understand and protect New Zealanders.