AFT Pharmaceuticals has announced the launch of online stores on Amazon in the US and Australia.

The move is part of the company's global e-commerce strategy.

It includes a Tmall site through which AFT sells into China. Tmall is a Chinese-language website for business-to-consumer online retail.

The Australian site will support a distribution network through pharmacies, medical practices and hospitals.

The American and Australian Amazon sites will carry AFT’s liposomal vitamins. Liposomes are a delivery system for vitamins.

AFT Pharmaceuticals founder and managing director Hartley Atkinson said the aim is to leverage off  the strong awareness of the liposomal products in the US. 

“The products offer a further growth opportunity for AFT’s international business unit as the US is the world’s largest market for nutritional supplements and is growing rapidly.”

Atkinson said the North American dietary supplements market was valued at over US$50 billion (NZD$80.4b) three years ago and is set to grow further. 

“Building our online presence is a further element to extend AFT’s reach around the world.”

There is further potential to expand AFT’s online presence, he said.

“In China we are also working to further build and evolve our existing on-line cross border e-commerce presence through both additional products and e-commerce platforms.

“These growth initiatives will also be supported by products from our research and development pipeline.”

AFT expanded its operational hubs in Singapore and Malaysia to include Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, he said.