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More Taco Bell and KFC outlets planned by Restaurant Brands

Staff reporters
Tue, 24 Aug 2021

Staff reporters
Tue, 24 Aug 2021
Listed fast-food retailer Restaurant Brands says store numbers will grow in the second half of the financial year with new KFC and Taco Bell outlets planned for New Zealand and Australia.The company reported its first half result today for the six months ended June 30 with net profit of $35.4 million, an improvement of $12.2m on the same period in the previous financial year. The result included $11.4m of loan forgiveness under the US government’s paycheck protection programme and it also received $22.1m from the NZ government’...

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Primary Sector
Fewer cows produced more milk
Rebecca Howard | Thu, 02 Dec 2021

Average production per cow hit a record high while the herd shrank slightly. 

Morningstar picks Spark as omicron refuge
Dan Brunskill | Thu, 02 Dec 2021

Spark’s share price spiked more than 5% early this week as investors reacted to news of the variant, but it had been trending down, sliding more than 10% in the past three months.

Law & Regulation
A crackdown on all your houses: no blind eye to poor privacy practices
Michael Andrew | Thu, 02 Dec 2021

The first year of the new privacy act saw the privacy commissioner flex his powers, publicly rebuking the Reserve Bank. We can expect to see more of the same in 2022, legal watchers say.

Statutory reform can deliver momentum to land transport decarbonisation

To met the government's ambitious net carbon zero target, New Zealanders need to reduce their reliance on cars.

Mansons leads with 120% carbon offset for new builds

Mansons TCLM is committing to a benchmark of 120% carbon offset for new buildings.