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NZX and super-CEOs in Vaxathon drive

Staff reporters
Fri, 15 Oct 2021

Mainfreight chief executive Don Braid encourages New Zealanders to get vaccine. (Photo: screen capture)
Mainfreight chief executive Don Braid encourages New Zealanders to get vaccine. (Photo: screen capture)
Staff reporters
Fri, 15 Oct 2021
Stock exchange operator NZX has teamed up with several listed luminaries to promote the ‘Super Saturday’ vaccination drive tomorrow.In a video released this morning, business leaders including Mainfreight chief executive Don Braid and Rua Bioscience cofounder Manu Caddie encourage viewers to get their shots.The exchange hopes these well-known business leaders may be able to cut through into communities that have been unresponsive to government campaigns.Manu Caddie is understood to be a respected figure in Ruatoria, near Gisborne, w...

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