BUDGET 2021: On balance, a Labour government

Pattrick Smellie
Thu, 20 May 2021

BUDGET 2021: On balance, a Labour government
This is a classic, almost old-style Labour budget, which its opponents will characterise as “spend, spend, spend”.
Pattrick Smellie
Thu, 20 May 2021
The first budget from the first majority government of the MMP era has emphatically answered the question its most peeved and restive supporters had been asking.That question was: ‘is this really a Labour government?’The answer, delivered in the budget and most emphatically in raising social welfare benefits – is a clear ’yes’.Excluding pensions, the benefit increases to levels recommended by the Welfare Expert Advisory Group allow Grant Robertson to trumpet “the biggest lift in benefits in more than a genera...

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