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Do we risk China going the way of Perfidious Albion?

Jenny Ruth
Mon, 12 Jul 2021

Twitter blocked NZ academic Anne-Marie Brady's account last week after she mocked China's president, Xi Jinping. (Image: Getty)
Jenny Ruth
Mon, 12 Jul 2021
I'm not ready to join the Anne-Marie Brady camp, but some recent statistics on relations between China and Downunder would give anyone pause.First, an international survey by the Pew Research Centre – so, therefore reputable – of attitudes toward China among the general populace found 67% of New Zealanders have an unfavourable view of China while 78% of Australians have a negative view.Given the extent of our unfavourables, it looks quite uncomfortable that in the 12 months ended May China was NZ's largest trading partner, t...

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