JEHAN CASINADER: Take a break from the torrent of covid information

Jehan Casinader
Sat, 12 Sep 2020

Jehan Casinader
Sat, 12 Sep 2020
Remember the old saying, “A fish doesn't know that it is wet?”I’m the fish, and so are you. The sea is full of covid-related information – and we're drowning in it.Before the virus arrived on our shores, many of us were already overwhelmed by the demands of modern life. We were struggling to manage the huge amount of information that came at us each day.Previous generations had a much smaller volume of data to contend with. Perhaps you are old enough to remember what New Zealand was like when there was only...

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MARKET CLOSE: Kiwi falls on economic concern
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Financial services firms that keep failing compliance tests can expect to end up in court, says the FMA boss, Rob Everett.

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If there was ever a time when strong financial metrics were the single trademark of a good company, that time has long passed. Responsible investors need to know beyond the profit a company will generate this year or next.

Canon Business: Premium solutions for Commercial Bay

Precinct Properties is the largest owner and developer of premium inner-city business space in Auckland and Wellington, its latest flagship success is the transformational Commercial Bay on Auckland's waterfront. Canon knew that for such a high-calibre client, only a premium bespoke purpose-built solution would suffice when it came to providing market-leading print, mail and courier services to over 10,000 tenants in the development.