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No reusable mask? You shouldn’t be allowed to fly

Jehan Casinader
Sat, 21 Aug 2021

Model citizen: BusinessDesk editor Pattrick Smellie flaunts the branding potential of a reusable mask (Image: BusinessDesk).
Jehan Casinader
Sat, 21 Aug 2021
In a year marked by uncertainty and chaos, there are many things to be infuriated about – but this is near the top of my list.I have travelled almost every week this year. Before each flight, I’ve watched at least half the passengers saunter up to the counter to grab a single-use mask, rather than bringing a reusable one.Prior to the current lockdown, domestic airlines were carrying thousands of travellers each day. That means thousands of masks being used for less than an hour, then thrown away.If we can’t convince people tha...

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