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Values and value for money

David Chaplin
Wed, 29 Sep 2021

From veganism to vivisection - KiwiSaver schemes are becoming values-conscious (Image: Depositphotos)
David Chaplin
Wed, 29 Sep 2021
The Values Party was ahead of its time, though it didn’t last long.According to Wikipedia, Values (1972-1990) was “the world's first national-level environmentalist party”, peaking at almost 5.2% of the popular vote in the 1975 election.That would have been enough to win a seat under today’s proportional voting system but well short of the first-past-the-post rules in place then.Values support more than halved in the following 1978 poll in a disappointment likely “because voters at that time were more concerned...

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Locked-down Auckland has been picked as the top city to travel to in 2022.

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Jenny Ruth | Thu, 28 Oct 2021

Move's gearing was 60% at June 30 with net debt of $57 million.

Time for a new approach to employee management at home

Unisys Security Index finds majority of Kiwi employees not comfortable with monitoring tech when working from home – regardless of purpose.

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We have a rare opportunity to align significant public infrastructure investment with urgent climate change reform, but time is short and we all need to act.