Photonics: NZ's hidden industry worth $1.2b and counting

Dan Brunskill
Tue, 28 Jul 2020

Dan Brunskill
Tue, 28 Jul 2020
The inconspicuous photonics industry, using the transmission of light in everyday technologies, is rapidly growing New Zealand’s manufacturing sector and could rival the wine sector for export returns, a new report says.Commissioned by the Dodd-Walls Centre and the Australian and New Zealand Optical Society, the report measured the industry for the first time and found it was worth A$5.4 billion across Australasia.NZ photonics is estimated to involve 121 companies, employing 2,530 people and accounting for $1.2 billion of econom...
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China trade fears unmatched by good alternatives: report
Pattrick Smellie | Wed, 05 Aug 2020

Fears that New Zealand is overly reliant on trading with China ignore that there are few more attractive markets for many of the country's major exports, says a report by economic consultancy Sens...

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SFO-directed raid complicates Spark claim
Victoria Young | Wed, 05 Aug 2020

An accused co-conspirator has complained a Serious Fraud Office-ordered raid on his home has meant he can't comply with disclosure orders in a case brought by Spark New Zealand.  The telco claims t...

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Farmers to get $122m in fertiliser cheques
Brent Melville | Wed, 05 Aug 2020

Fertiliser heavyweights Ballance Agri-Nutrients and Ravensdown have fought their way through the covid-19 response, kicking back rebates of $54 million and $68 million respectively to farmer-sharehold...

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