Each week, BusinessDesk and the NZ Herald's Cooking the Books podcast tackles a different money problem. Today, it's how to keep eating healthily when you're on a budget. Hosted by Frances Cook.

Health might be wealth, but these days it seems you need a lot of wealth in order to have access to the health. 

With the cost of living soaring, a trip to the supermarket is likely to make you wince. 

You want to feed yourself and the family well, but let's be honest, there's also the reality that you don't want the card to be declined at the checkout. 

Let's say from the start, there's no silver bullet here. 

But there are some substitutions, some swaps, and some clever little tricks that can help make the food bill a bit less painful. 

For the latest podcast, I talked to Margo and Rosa Flanagan, also known as Two Raw Sisters.

For the interview, listen to the podcast here.

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