BusinessDesk and the NZ Herald’s Cooking the Books podcast tackles a different money problem each week. Today, it’s how a windfall can mess with your money mindset and how to fix it. Hosted by Frances Cook.

It’s a daydream that many of us have had. What would you do if you won the lottery?

Millions fall out of the sky and into your lap. Suddenly, the world is your oyster.

It might be more on your mind lately after last week's massive $37 million Powerball win

And yet, if it happens, it can actually ruin lives.

Many people have a lottery win and end up poorer than they started in only a few short years.

Think I’m ruining the daydream? You could actually end up in this situation one day.

A Lotto win can be similar to what happens if you get a big inheritance or when you finally crack open your KiwiSaver or retirement fund nest egg.

Having access to a big whack of cash can throw all of our senses out of the window and ruin our finances.

So, how should you handle it instead?

For the latest podcast, I talked to Nick Crawford, a financial adviser from The Private Office.

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