Monday will mark a milestone for BusinessDesk.

With all the talk of digital transformation, we’re taking another counter-intuitive step and launching a print section.

The Best of BusinessDesk lift-out section in the NZ Herald will appear every Monday morning, showcasing award-winning journalists and financial commentators, including myself, Brian Gaynor, Jenny Ruth, Frances Cook and the rest of our talented team.

Best of BusinessDesk is only a fraction of the business news, analysis, commentary and opinion that we publish every day on

Established as a proudly independent, locally owned start-up news publisher, BusinessDesk has been part of NZME since January this year, allowing the investment our rapid growth requires to produce  more of the same high-quality business and economic news that our discerning readership already knows we provide. 

Best of BusinessDesk gives Herald readers a weekly taste of what we have to offer.