Bill Pollock: the world’s longest serving CEO

Australian Financial Review
Wed, 13 Oct 2021

Bill Pollock: the world’s longest serving CEO
This year Drake founder Bill Pollock is celebrating 70 years in business. (Image: Drake International)
Australian Financial Review
Wed, 13 Oct 2021
Bill Pollock had already been in business for 20 years before the first email was ever sent.The 92-year-old founder of Drake International, a global human resourcing business he started in 1951 and launched in Melbourne in 1963, and mentor to one of Australia’s richest men Jack Cowin, is still in business while email dominates almost every facet of modern executive life.From pioneering psychometric assessments in the 1950s to launching a pre-Zoom video software called PictureTalk in the 1990s, Pollock has worked through one of the fastest...

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