Since the pandemic hit and the world went into lockdown, many of us have brought our workplaces home. While most workers enjoyed the flexibility, enabling modern ways of working was difficult for many organisations to manage.

Challenges with tech, inaccessibility and IT burnout left less time for fundamental productivity. However, according to a 2020 Otago University survey, over 89% of Kiwis said they wanted to continue working from home. Here are three ways to help your team nail working remotely and to transform your business into a modern workplace.

Create an easier experience, every time

Productivity is always top of mind for any manager. While you could go down a rabbit hole of performance-based tips and tricks, working remotely comes with other obstacles. So focus on the practical steps you can take to enable productivity, wherever your team is working. Simplifying your device setup is key here.

Ask yourself, does your team have the same experience, no matter what device they’re on?

Your team’s working experience should feel seamless across any device. Whether they’re working from their desktop at the office, mobile on the train, or laptop from home, it should be the same every time. Give your team the set up they need for a consistent experience, no matter where they are or what device they’re on. From logging into accounts, to accessing a meeting online, consistency keeps it easy.

Tip: Simplify the user experience with a seamless login process and consistent setup.

Give your team easier access, from anywhere

When you’re in the office, everything you need is at your fingertips and anyone you usually work with is close enough for a face-to-face. It should be the same when out-of-office. It’s all about easier access. Give your team access to the software, applications and data they need to do their work, from anywhere.

Ask yourself, is your team able to connect securely and easily, wherever they’re working? 

It’s not just about making it easy. Remote access can leave businesses vulnerable, with security threats like ransomware are on the rise since covid-19 hit. You’ll need peace of mind that when your team connects remotely it’s secure at both ends. It’s safe to start with integrating end-to-end encryption, identity verification, and enhanced permissions controls.

Tip: Use a VPN and user authentication process to give your team secure access.

Ease the load and focus on the big picture

Between long hours, heavy workloads and a lack of resources, IT departments all over the world feel overwhelmed. On top of existing issues, covid-19 has meant many organisations have had to fast-track their digital transformation. So we’re seeing the technical issues of remote workers getting in the way of more important tasks.

Ask yourself, is your IT team swamped with the technical demands of remote workers?

With IT burnout on the rise, supporting your IT department should be top of mind. Integrating a centralised management platform for users, devices and applications is a great place to start. With full visibility of network interactions, reporting and asset tracking all in one place, managing your team’s tech is easier. Plus, it gives your IT department more time to focus on bigger business challenges, like accelerating your digital transformation.

Tip: Make the most of a centralised management solution to free up IT resources.

Productivity is about more than just people

While productivity hacks can help your team work remotely, those tricks may not be practical given the technical barriers of working out of office.

Ask yourself, does your tech help or hinder your team’s productivity?

A consistent experience from every device, secure access from anywhere, and a centralised management platform are the keys to making working from home work for you team. So clear the path to productivity with a smarter, more efficient modern workplace, both at the office and online. Don’t know where to start? We can help.

Spark’s Modern Management is a simpler, secure and streamlined workplace management solution, powered by VMware. It gives you and your team everything needed to make your digital transformation possible while supporting your team’s remote working experience. Get in touch to find out more.

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