1. In what decade were the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Empire State Building completed?
  2. The multinational energy company Gazprom is based in what country?
  3. In car specifications, the newton-metre (usually abbreviated to Nm) is a measurement of what?
  4. Victor Emmanuel II was the first king of what country?
  5. What was the occupation of the character played by Kate Winslet in the acclaimed TV series Mare of Easttown?
  6. What is normally drunk from a style of glass known as a flute?
  7. What is the name of the decorative leather or fur pouch that Scotsmen traditionally wear on the front of their kilts?
  8. Their first names are John, Brendon and Doug and they have all played cricket for New Zealand. What is their surname?
  9. The Rose Revolution of 2003 occurred in what Eastern European country?
  10. Auckland-based property company Ockham sponsors annual awards in which field: books, architecture or art?



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ANSWERS: 1. The 1930s; 2. Russia; 3. Torque; 4. Italy; 5. Police detective; 6. Champagne; 7. The sporran; 8. Bracewell; 9. Georgia; 10. Books.