1. The French call it La Manche (the sleeve). What is its name in English?
  2. In the 2001 remake of the heist movie Ocean’s 11, who played the role taken by Frank Sinatra in the original 1960 version?
  3. What is the predominant religion in countries ruled by sultans?
  4. What high-profile international businessman has children named Prudence, Lachlan, Elizabeth and James?
  5. In which New Zealand region would you find Carters Beach?
  6. In photography, what do the letters SLR stand for?
  7. In which NZ region would you attend the Bridge Pa Triangle Wine Festival?
  8. Complete the traditional term for a contented married couple: Darby and …
  9. By adding one letter, what word meaning a stringed musical instrument can be changed to one meaning a device for slicing vegetables?
  10. What country is the setting for the folk song Four Strong Winds?

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Please scroll down for the answers: 

ANSWERS: 1. The English Channel; 2. George Clooney; 3. Islam; 4. Rupert Murdoch; 5. The West Coast; 6. Single lens reflex (a type of camera); 7. Hawke’s Bay; 8. Joan; 9. Mandolin/mandolin; 10. Canada.