1. Which best-selling New Zealand author wrote a novel that began with the line: “Sam Cash looked at his old woman the way a man looks at a steep ridge he’s got to climb on a hot day”?
  2. What word can precede wind, light or end?
  3. What Hollywood A-list actor became a teen idol as a result of his starring role in the TV series 21 Jump Street?
  4. What would you be served if you ordered une tasse de thé in a French café?
  5. What is the meaning of the word contumacious: insubordinate, hard to understand or unreliable?
  6. What European capital was occupied by Soviet troops in 1956?
  7. What Auckland-based company is Australasia’s largest supplier of building materials?
  8. Irihapeti is the Maori form of what female name?
  9. Eleanor Catton’s award-winning novel The Luminaries was set in which part of NZ?
  10. Where would a rousie work: in a hotel, on a ship or in a shearing shed?


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Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. Barry Crump (the book was Hang on a Minute Mate); 2. Tail; 3. Johnny Depp; 4. A cup of tea; 5. Insubordinate; 6. Budapest; 7. Fletcher Building; 8. Elizabeth; 9. The West Coast; 10. In a shearing shed.