1. Which Māori chief composed the haka known as Ka Mate?
  2. What is the English name (though of Greek origin) for the star cluster known to Māori as Matariki?
  3. Which provincial city has the Māori name Ahuriri?
  4. According to Māori legend, what type of sea creature did Kupe pursue all the way from his Hawaiki homeland to New Zealand?
  5. Who was NZ’s first Māori governor-general?
  6. NZ has a shorter human history than any other country – true or false?
  7. What is the English name of the plant known to Māori as harakeke?
  8. Which two mammals arrived in NZ with the first Māori?
  9. Where in NZ is the best-known trace of early Māori settlement: the Bay of Islands, the Bay of Plenty or Marlborough?
  10. What is the dominant iwi in the central North Island?


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ANSWERS: 1. Te Rauparaha; 2. Pleiades; 3. Napier; 4. A giant octopus; 5. Sir Paul Reeves; 6. True; 7. Flax; 8. The Maori dog (kuri) and the kiore rat; 9. Marlborough; 10. Ngati Tuwharetoa.