1. What broadcaster did then prime minister Helen Clark call a sanctimonious little creep in 2002?
  2. What colour does the Welsh rugby team wear?
  3. What generic term describes the music of British bands Pink Floyd, Genesis and Yes?
  4. Rehette Stoltz is the mayor of what New Zealand city?
  5. Which director tops the highest-grossing films list: Steven Spielberg, Sir Peter Jackson or James Cameron?
  6. Where would you see a contour line?
  7. What term is used to describe a judicial decision that has been deferred to a later date?
  8. In the stories of Beatrix Potter, what type of creature is Mrs Tiggy-Winkle?
  9. The Volga River flows into which sea: the Black, the Caspian or the Baltic?
  10. Where in England is the upland area known as the Dales?


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Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. John Campbell; 2. Red; 3. Progressive (or prog) rock; 4. Gisborne; 5. Steven Spielberg; 6. On a map; 7. Reserved; 8. A hedgehog; 9. The Caspian Sea; 10. Yorkshire.