1. In which decade did the production of Coca-Cola begin in New Zealand: the 1920s, the 1940s or the 1960s?
  2. What are the two colours on the Greek flag?
  3. What NZ investment firm owns the naming rights to Dunedin’s main sports stadium?
  4. In which NZ region would you find the Little Wanganui River?
  5. In what hit film of 1980 did Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Dolly Parton play workers plotting revenge on an autocratic male boss?
  6. What English Premier League football team has the abbreviation Bou?
  7. Former politicians Jonathan Hunt, Russell Marshall and Lockwood Smith have all served in what position?
  8. Would you eat, wear or recline on a beignet?
  9. What first name was shared by an actress with the surname Crawford, a writer with the surname Didion and a comedienne with the surname Rivers?
  10. Which North Island city was built around a 7-hectare central square?


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Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. The 1960s; 2. Blue and white; 3. Forsyth Barr; 4.The West Coast; 5. 9 to 5; 6. Bournemouth; 7. NZ High Commissioner in London; 8. Eat it; 9. Joan; 10. Palmerston North.