1. Running Up that Hill, a song recorded in 1985 by Kate Bush, became a hit again in 2022 after featuring in what Netflix TV series?
  2. What brand of luxury car displays a bonnet ornament called the Spirit of Ecstasy?
  3. What French daily newspaper shares its name with the title character in an opera by Mozart?
  4. What was the nationality of the famous 19th-century jeweller Gustav Fabergé?
  5. Which city has the highest average sunshine hours: New Plymouth, Auckland or Christchurch?
  6. What title should be used when formally addressing the Governor-General?
  7. Is the Blue Peter a flag, a postage stamp or a butterfly?
  8. What was the birth country of Ans Westra, the noted New Zealand photographer who died in February?
  9. Lalique, Swarovski and Baccarat are famous brands of what?
  10. The spice paprika is most closely associated with the cuisine of what European country?


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ANSWERS: 1. Stranger Things; 2. Rolls-Royce; 3. Le Figaro; 4. Russian; 5. New Plymouth; 6. Your Excellency; 7. A flag; 8. The Netherlands; 9. Crystal; 10. Hungary.