1. Which region of France has a name derived from a Latin word meaning “Land of the Britons”?
  2. What metric unit of measurement has the abbreviation Mt?
  3. What influential British daily newspaper is distinctive because of its salmon-pink newsprint?
  4. Bahia, Para and Mato Grosso are states of what country?
  5. What city has an area called Tribeca?
  6. Which member of the 2021 New Zealand Olympic Sevens women’s rugby team gave what some commentators described as the best post-match interview ever?
  7. Germany’s Kiel Canal connects which two seas?
  8. In which year did corporal punishment become illegal in New Zealand schools: 1975, 1984 or 1990?
  9. Where does a pelagic fish live: in deep water, around reefs or close to the surface?
  10. What American car brand was named after a French explorer who founded what is now Detroit?


Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. Brittany; 2. Megatonne; 3. The Financial Times; 4. Brazil; 5. New York; 6. Ruby Tui; 7. The North Sea and the Baltic Sea; 8. 1990; 9. Close to the surface; 10. Cadillac.