1. What 1967 made-for-TV film starred the Beatles and included the songs The Fool on the Hill and Hello, Goodbye?
  2. What New Zealand city is home to pioneering electric fence company the Gallagher Group?
  3. In a song from the musical The Music Man, how many trombones led the big parade?
  4. In Scrabble, how many points are the letters X and J worth?
  5. What instrument does the popular Dutch musician Andre Rieu play?
  6. On which New Zealand river would you find the Major Jones Pool, the Duchess Pool and the Red Hut Pool?
  7. What were the first names of singing duo the Everly Brothers?
  8. The annual motorsport event known as Race to the Sky took place in which New Zealand region?
  9. In what famous poem does a sailor kill an albatross?
  10.  What was the surname of the title character in the children’s novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?


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Please scroll down for the answers: 

ANSWERS: 1. Magical Mystery Tour; 2. Hamilton; 3. 76; 4. 8; 5. Violin; 6. The Tongariro; 7. Don and Phil; 8. Central Otago; 9. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner; 10. Bucket.