1. What Japanese word, derived from a Chinese term for “convenience”, means a packaged meal usually eaten as lunch?
  2. Orrefors is a high-value brand of what?
  3. Who won the Best Actress Oscar for her role in the 1987 film Moonstruck?
  4. The American Frederick Remington became famous for what: guns, typewriters or paintings?
  5. Which town has the biggest population: Masterton, Greymouth or Tokoroa?
  6. Complete the following saying: “He who pays the piper …”
  7. What city in Louisiana got its French name from a red pole that once marked the boundary between tribal hunting grounds?
  8. In environmental politics, what are GHGs?
  9. Rodney Wayne is a chain of what: furniture stores, hairdressing salons or real estate agencies?
  10. Who wrote the children’s book Green Eggs and Ham?

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Please scroll down for the answers:  

ANSWERS: 1. Bento; 2. Glassware; 3. Cher; 4. Paintings; 5. Masterton; 6. Calls the tune; 7. Baton Rouge; 8. Greenhouse gases; 9. Hairdressing salons; 10. Dr Seuss.