1. According to a survey by NZ Post, which brand is missed most by New Zealanders living overseas: Marmite, Whittaker’s chocolate or pineapple lumps?
  2. In what country did noodles originate?
  3. Complete the following saying: “You might as well be hanged for a sheep as for a …”
  4. NZ anti-monopoly campaigner Tex Edwards founded what national company?
  5. What word can mean either a farm horse or (with slightly negative connotations) a journalist?
  6. What comedy character was played on screen by Rex Harrison in 1967 and Eddie Murphy in 1998?
  7. What river would you cross on the road between Sanson and Bulls?
  8. What biblical story explained the origin of different languages?
  9. What sporting-related term is commonly used for the pain clinically known as lateral epicondylitis?
  10. What bird lays the largest egg, relative to body size, of any species in the world?

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ANSWERS: 1. Whittaker’s; 2. China; 3. Lamb; 4. 2 Degrees; 5. Hack; 6. Doctor Dolittle; 7. The Rangitikei; 8. The Tower of Babel; 9. Tennis elbow; 10. The kiwi.