1. What eastern suburb of Auckland took its name from an English settler named William Innes Taylor?
  2. What is a Parkvale Gourmet Brown?
  3. A bounty hunter named Boba Fett is a recurring character in what series of movies?
  4. What comic opera by Gilbert and Sullivan was set in Cornwall?
  5. What is an apercu: a South American rodent, a pre-dinner drink or an insightful comment?
  6. What word can precede water, shoes and mate?
  7. What All Blacks coach was formerly the headmaster of Auckland’s Kelston Boys’ High School?
  8. What new family name was adopted in 1917 by the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha?
  9. The musical composition known as a pibroch is played on what instrument?
  10. The German town of Meissen is famed for producing what: cutlery, clocks or porcelain?

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ANSWERS: 1. Glen Innes; 2. A mushroom; 3. Star Wars; 4. The Pirates of Penzance; 5. An insightful comment; 6. Running; 7. Graham Henry; 8. Windsor; 9. The bagpipes; 10. Porcelain.