1. What two adjacent stars are named after twin brothers in Greek mythology?
  2. What two-syllable word of French origin means a literary, musical or artistic work that imitates a well-known style?
  3. What is the more common term for the bone called the coccyx?
  4. If you ordered pizza ai quattro formaggi, what would you expect the topping to include?
  5. What word can precede game, play and go?
  6. The Auckland Open, NZ’s premier men’s tennis event, hasn’t been won by a New Zealander since 1985. Who was the victor that year?
  7. How many men died in the Pike River mine disaster?
  8. Nicolas Cage, Robert De Niro, Demi Moore and Elvis Presley all starred in movies set in what American city?
  9. What does England’s River Tyne have in common with Australia’s Hunter River?
  10. What language is traditionally used in the instructions followed by performers of classical music?


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ANSWERS: 1. Castor and Pollux; 2. Pastiche; 3. Tailbone; 4. Four types of cheese; 5. Fair; 6. Chris Lewis; 7. 29; 8. Las Vegas; 9. They both flow past cities named Newcastle; 10. Italian.