1. Where in New Zealand are travellers advised to follow the green line?
  2. What 1986 coming-of-age film was based on a Stephen King story and took its title from a 1961 hit song by Ben E King?
  3. The Inspector Morse TV stories were set in and around what British city?
  4. Does New York Times Square take its name from the building occupied by the New York Times – true or false?
  5. Port Harcourt is a major city in what African country?
  6. By changing one letter, what word meaning the stalks left after grain has been harvested can be altered to one meaning a small beer bottle?
  7. What 1973 hit film featured a mysterious blonde in a white Ford Thunderbird?
  8. What were the surnames of two men who founded a stagecoach company that grew into one of America’s biggest banks?
  9. In chemistry, does a low pH indicate low or high acidity?
  10. Are Gamble and Huff a songwriting team, an architectural partnership or an advertising agency?


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ANSWERS: 1. Auckland Airport; 2. Stand by Me; 3. Oxford; 4. True; 5. Nigeria; 6. Stubble/stubbie; 7. American Graffiti; 8. Wells and Fargo; 9. High; 10. A songwriting team.