1. What brand of personal organiser wallet became a yuppie favourite during the 1980s?
  2. What type of creature was the cartoon character Foghorn Leghorn?
  3. What Australian Outback town gave its name to one of the world’s biggest mining companies?
  4. Who lives at No 11 Downing Street?
  5. What historic New Zealand first did the Australian Freda du Faur achieve in 1910?
  6. What is significant about the address 660 Castle Street, Dunedin?
  7. Which brand of energy drink sponsors a Formula 1 racing team?
  8. In what hit movie of 1994 did the main character meet US presidents John F Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon?
  9. In what fairy tale does porridge feature?
  10. In the phonetic alphabet used by emergency services, what capital city represents the letter L?

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Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. Filofax; 2. A rooster; 3. Broken Hill (BHP); 4. The Chancellor of the Exchequer; 5. She was the first woman to climb Aoraki/Mt Cook; 6. It was the inspiration for the name of the band Six60; 7. Red Bull; 8. Forrest Gump; 9. Goldilocks and the Three Bears; 10. Lima.