1. In which decade did Tip Top introduce the Trumpet to its product range?
  2. Which of the following US presidents are NOT commemorated at the Mt Rushmore National Memorial: George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson or Franklin D Roosevelt?
  3. What popular Dutch cheese traditionally has a rind of red wax?
  4. At which Olympic Games did New Zealand enjoy a “golden hour” during which two gold medals were won on the track?
  5. An emetic is a substance that causes what?
  6. The 11th-century English king Canute, aka Cnut, originally came from what country?
  7. Paula Southgate is in her second term as mayor of what New Zealand city?
  8. In what popular 1987 fantasy film did English actor Cary Elwes play a farmhand named Westley?
  9. What famous woman wrote a best-selling 2018 memoir entitled Becoming?
  10. Complete a popular English saying commonly (but wrongly) attributed to Queen Victoria: “Home, James, and don’t …”

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Please scroll down for the answers: 

ANSWERS: 1. The 1960s; 2. Franklin D Roosevelt; 3. Edam; 4. Rome, 1960; 5. Vomiting; 6. Denmark; 7. Hamilton; 8. The Princess Bride; 9. Michelle Obama; 10. Spare the horses.