1. What animal has been described as a horse designed by a committee?
  2. What is the predominant religion in Croatia?
  3. Which US state is NOT considered part of the Bible Belt: Virginia, Kansas, Missouri or Oklahoma?
  4. What is the American term for a pedestrian who ignores the road rules?
  5. What high-profile woman recently became the first female chair of New Zealand Rugby?
  6. What commonly used Latin phrase translates as “after death”?
  7. What New Zealand politician wrote a 1993 memoir entitled Unfinished Business?
  8. What is the two-word motto of the Scouting movement?
  9. In the 1987 film Fatal Attraction, who played the woman who had an ill-fated affair with the character played by Michael Douglas?
  10. In Australian politics, who is Daniel Andrews?

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Please scroll down for the answers: 

ANSWERS: 1. The camel; 2. Catholicism; 3. Kansas; 4. Jaywalker; 5. Dame Patsy Reddy; 6. Post-mortem; 7. Roger Douglas; 8. Be Prepared; 9. Glenn Close; 10. Premier of Victoria.