1. In England, what are the Bakerloo, the Circle, the Jubilee and the Northern?
  2. What classic TV Western series took its name from a Spanish word meaning a sudden increase in wealth?
  3. What traditional English side dish is made using marrowfat peas?
  4. Who wrote and sang the Oscar-winning title song of the 2021 James Bond movie No Time to Die?
  5. What does the A stand for in the initials of the organisation known as HUHA?
  6. The dish known as satay originated where: Indonesia, Thailand or Cambodia?
  7. Linguistically, which country is the odd one out: Chile, Brazil, Venezuela or Argentina?
  8. In the Bible, what did a dove deliver to Noah, signifying that the Great Flood was over?
  9. Australians call them yabbies. What is the New Zealand term?
  10. The Hawaiian singer and musician Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, who had a hit in 1993 with the medley Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World, played what instrument?


Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. London Underground train lines; 2. Bonanza; 3. Mushy peas; 4. Billie Eilish; 5. Animals; 6. Indonesia; 7. Brazil (Portuguese; the others are Spanish); 8. An olive leaf; 9. Koura or freshwater crayfish; 10. The ukulele.