1. Complete the catch-line from a classic TV commercial for deodorant: “I can’t get by without my …”
  2. In Greek mythology, how many labours did Hercules have to undertake?
  3. London’s Shaftesbury Avenue is associated with what: fashion, theatres or hotels?
  4. What word can precede date, corner or eye?
  5. In what country would you be most likely to drink a yoghurt-based beverage called lassi?
  6. What country was the birthplace of Moses, the actor Omar Sharif and the football star Mohamed Salah?
  7. Mt Pinatubo, the scene of a massive eruption in 1991, is in what country?
  8. What British car company produced a series of models with names beginning with V?
  9. The Sugarbag Years, by New Zealand historian Tony Simpson, is an account of what event?
  10. What is the surname of the central character in the satirical novel Catch-22?


Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. Mum; 2. 12; 3. Theatres; 4. Blind; 5. India; 6. Egypt; 7. The Philippines; 8. Vauxhall; 9. The Great Depression; 10. Yossarian.