1. What’s distinctive about a bristlecone pine tree, nicknamed Methuselah, that stands in the White Mountains of California?
  2. Baskin-Robbins is an American brand of what?
  3. The ancient land of Mesopotamia was mostly situated within which modern country: Iraq, Lebanon or Turkey?
  4. What style of hat has a Spanish name derived from a word meaning shade?
  5. What composer created operas featuring characters named Wotan, Freia and Siegfried?
  6. By changing one letter, what word meaning amusing can be altered to one meaning shaped liked a cone?
  7. Which European capital has historically been associated with the diamond trade?
  8. The cavapoochon is a mix of what dog breeds?
  9. Which Beatle wrote a book of nonsensical humour called A Spaniard in the Works?
  10. The New Zealander Essie Summers was a best-selling writer of what: recipe books, whodunits or romance novels?


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Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. It’s thought to be the world’s oldest living tree; 2. Ice cream; 3. Iraq; 4. The sombrero; 5. Richard Wagner; 6. Comical/conical; 7. Amsterdam; 8. Cavalier King Charles spaniel, toy poodle and bichon frisé; 9. John Lennon; 10. Romance novels.