1. Who is the mother to four of Sir Mick Jagger’s eight children?
  2. Who was elected mayor of Nelson in the recent local government elections?
  3. What country is home to the international news channel Al Jazeera?
  4. In what South Island town would you see a valuable art collection donated by the late New Zealand sexologist John Money?
  5. Is salmagundi a dish, a style of pottery or a species of fish?
  6. The decibel was named after the telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell – true or false?
  7. In a hit song of 2000, who sang that life is a rollercoaster?
  8. What is the English name of Bahia de Cochinos, a Cuban bay made famous by an ill-fated CIA-backed operation in 1961?
  9. In Britain, what are the Great Western and the Great Northern?
  10. In Australian politics, who is Annastacia Palaszczuk?

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Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. Jerry Hall; 2. Former MP Nick Smith; 3. Qatar; 4. Gore; 5. A dish; 6. True; 7. Ronan Keating; 8. Bay of Pigs; 9. Railways; 10. Premier of Queensland.