1. What petrol brand has a logo consisting of a white exclamation mark on a red background?
  2. Who is the third-ranked MP in the National party caucus?
  3. In an American TV drama series of 2022, what was the common factor in the characters played by Michelle Pfeiffer, Viola Davis and Gillian Anderson?
  4. What life-saving device has the initials PLB? 
  5. In the 2010 film Black Swan, what was the occupation of the main character played by Natalie Portman?
  6. In the United States, what type of business employs busboys?
  7. The Australian expression “back of Bourke”, meaning somewhere distant and remote, refers to a town in which state?
  8. In music, what word means a note that is lower in pitch by one semitone?
  9. What word can follow Christmas, radio and champagne?
  10. What small lower North Island town was originally called The Junction because important road and railway routes converged there?


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Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. Challenge; 2. Chris Bishop; 3. They all played US presidents’ wives; 4. The personal locator beacon; 5. Ballet dancer; 6. Restaurants; 7. New South Wales; 8. Flat; 9. Ham; 10. Woodville.