1. Which Hollywood film studio has a logo that depicts a mountain peak ringed with stars?
  2. Asafoetida is an ingredient in which ethnic cuisine?
  3. From what family of languages do we get the words squash, toboggan, pecan and persimmon?
  4. In the British parliament, which has more seats: the House of Commons or the House of Lords?
  5. In the classic painting called American Gothic, what is the man holding?
  6. Who played a lead character named Jessica Fletcher in a long-running American TV crime series?
  7. According to a nursery rhyme, how many men did the grand old Duke of York have?
  8. Los Angeles is the largest city in California. Which is the second largest?
  9. In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s called a hurricane. What is the New Zealand term?
  10. Capstan, Craven A, Lucky Strike and Du Maurier were brands of what?

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Please scroll down for the answers: 

ANSWERS: 1. Paramount Pictures; 2. Indian; 3. Native American; 4. The House of Lords; 5. A pitchfork; 6. Angela Lansbury (the series was Murder, She Wrote); 7. 10,000; 8. San Diego; 9. Cyclone; 10. Cigarette.