1. Trevor Mallard is the 30th Speaker of the House of Representatives. Who was the 28th?
  2. In which two American states is the largest city named Portland?
  3. What song from the 2013 movie Despicable Me 2 was a hit for Pharrell Williams?
  4. Is a garrulous person talkative, argumentative or pompous?
  5. In cricket, what is the name for the scoring system used to determine the result when a one-day match is affected by rain?
  6. A gastroscope is used to examine the interior of which organ?
  7. What 1976 movie starring Robert de Niro had the tagline: “On every street in every city in this country, there is a nobody who dreams of being a somebody”?
  8. What word can precede float, sense or chestnut?
  9. What is the common term for the part of the body with the clinical name umbilicus?
  10. Four components are needed to make beer: water, hops, grain (usually barley) and what else?


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ANSWERS: 1. Lockwood Smith; 2. Maine and Oregon; 3. Happy; 4. Talkative; 5. The Duckworth-Lewis method; 6. The stomach; 7. Taxi Driver; 8. Horse; 9. Navel or belly button; 10. Yeast.