1. Name the decade in which the first MP3 player was marketed, the Channel Tunnel was opened and the TV series Friends had its premiere.
  2. In George Orwell’s book Animal Farm, what type of animal was Boxer?
  3. What real-life figure did American actress Gillian Anderson play in the Netflix TV series The Queen?
  4. In rugby, does a tight-head prop stand to the left or right of the hooker?
  5. What first name is shared by a soul singer with the surname Reeves and an American entrepreneur with the surname Stewart?
  6. Since 2021, what make of car has been used by New Zealand frontline police?
  7. What Beatles hit started with the line “Dear Sir or Madam, would you read my book”?
  8. What famous woollen fabric comes from the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and has a name protected by British law?
  9. What TV series was set in the office of a company called Wernham Hogg?
  10. What Maori name is shared by an Upper Hutt suburb and the fertile plains occupied by Hastings and Havelock North?


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Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. The 1990s; 2. A horse; 3. Margaret Thatcher; 4. The right; 5. Martha; 6. Skoda; 7. Paperback Writer; 8. Harris tweed; 9. The Office; 10. Heretaunga.