1. What rock and roll pioneer originally sang the line, “A wop bop a loo bop, a lop bam boom”?
  2. What New Zealand seafood delicacy has the scientific name haliotis?
  3. The term “incel”, meaning a discontented male with no girlfriend, is a combination of which two words?
  4. What word can mean either a musical instrument or a type of champagne glass?
  5. Boronia, Coburg, Diamond Creek and Ivanhoe are suburbs of what city?
  6. What first name was shared by the composer Mendelssohn, a German naval war hero with the surname von Luckner and a cartoon cat?
  7. Who is the husband of Olena Zelenska?
  8. In German legend, what happened to the rats the Pied Piper lured away from the town of Hamelin?
  9. What do the initials of the global professional services company EY stand for?
  10. What book of the Old Testament in the Bible has a name that means a mass departure of people?


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ANSWERS: 1. Little Richard; 2. Paua; 3. Involuntary celibate; 4. Flute; 5. Melbourne; 6. Felix; 7. Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky; 8. They drowned; 9. Ernst and Young; 10. Exodus.