1. A polyglot is a person who does what?
  2. Where in the world was the Brent oil field, the source of the Brent crude that provided a benchmark for world oil prices?
  3. What government agency is known as ComCom?
  4. What name is shared by the title character in a 1982 hit song by the Dance Exponents and a former Spice Girl who married footballer David Beckham?
  5. Suleiman I, aka Suleiman the Magnificent, ruled what empire?
  6. What word can mean a very small quantity of something or an indication of something that previously existed?
  7. In the computer abbreviation PDF, what does the F stand for?
  8. What New Zealand professional sports team played its first match in Auckland in 1995?
  9. What has been described as “sauerkraut for cows”?
  10. What European country’s king abdicated in 2014 following controversy over his financial affairs?


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ANSWERS: 1. Speaks several languages; 2. The North Sea; 3. The Commerce Commission; 4. Victoria; 5. The Ottoman Empire; 6. Trace; 7. Format; 8. The Warriors; 9. Silage; 10. Juan Carlos of Spain.