1. Which historical figure did Dame Judi Dench play in the 1997 film Mrs Brown?
  2. In which city would you find the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Memphis, Detroit or Cleveland?
  3. What African capital was formerly known as Salisbury?
  4. Which Latin American dance originated in Cuba: the samba, the tango or the cha-cha-cha?
  5. Who is the head of the Catholic Church in New Zealand?
  6. What was the surname of the 18th-century German physicist who invented the mercury thermometer?
  7. What insect migrates 5000 kilometres from the eastern United States to Mexico?
  8. Which US basketball team does New Zealander Steven Adams play for: Oklahoma City Thunder, the New Orleans Pelicans or the Memphis Grizzlies?
  9. What hardy breed of cattle has a distinctive hump over the shoulder and neck?
  10.  What generic term is used in England for red wine from the French region of Bordeaux?

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ANSWERS: 1. Queen Victoria; 2. Cleveland; 3. Harare; 4. The cha-cha-cha; 5. Cardinal John Dew; 6. Fahrenheit; 7. The monarch butterfly; 8. The Memphis Grizzlies; 9. The brahman; 10. Claret.