1. Complete the title of a 2002 crime film starring Tom Hanks and Paul Newman: “The Road to …”
  2. Juken New Zealand is a major player in what industry?
  3. Which town has the biggest population: Masterton, Ashburton or Taupo?
  4. What British TV comedy series was set in a fictional holiday camp called Maplins?
  5. The word “perks”, meaning employee benefits, is short for what?
  6. What limestone gorge in the English county of Somerset shares its name with a type of cheese that originated nearby?
  7. In which New Zealand provincial city would you find the Cawthron Steps?
  8. Prior to 1997, Samoa was officially known by what name?
  9. Silent movie stars Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks were co-founders of what Hollywood film company?
  10. What word can precede sandwich, home and letter?

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ANSWERS: 1. Perdition; 2. Timber and forestry; 3. Taupo; 4. Hi-de-Hi; 5. Perquisites; 6. Cheddar Gorge; 7. Nelson; 8. Western Samoa; 9. United Artists; 10. Open.